Our Mission:


To help people stay mobile and relieve pain from back, knee or joint pain.

Since 2012, the Alliance Medical team has worked with individuals suffering with acute and chronic pain.  We are touched by the stories we hear, and we celebrate the success stories our patients have shared with us.  With the very first patient that expressed to us, "Thank you for giving me my life back," we discovered our mission.  We are committed to helping pain sufferers find relief.  It's never been "just a business" to us.


You can call us with your questions, concerns or product needs. Our staff is knowledgeable and friendly. We will gladly take as much time is needed to assist a customer.  Unlike many medical product companies who simply "box and ship" the order, our goal is to provide personal attention to the customer.


If you call , you can actually talk to a "real" person.  You won't have to go through menu after menu to get the information you need. We care about the patients and physicians we work with. Each person matters, so pledge the highest quality of service  to everyone.



- We look forward to helping you with your order!